TFOS DEWS II: Dry eye practice 2 years on - 1 interactive CET point

Monday, April 1, 2019 10:30 - 11:30

The Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society Dry Eye Workshop (DEWS; 2007) brought together researchers and clinicians who were experts in dry eye to consolidate the literature in the field to inform the definition, diagnosis and management of the condition as well as to better understand the epidemiology and pathophysiology of the disease. Ten years on and the process was repeated, this time with 153 researchers and clinicians from 23 countries, to move forward our understanding of this important disease. The revised guidelines have now been available for a couple of years and this presentation will discuss the key clinical implications and how they are influencing clinical practice and industry.

Learning Objectives
  • To understand what causes dry eye and how common it is
  • To be able to work through a diagnosis and subclassification
  • To be aware of the latest instrumentation to support dry eye diagnosis, subclassification and monitoring
  • To be aware of current thinking on dry eye management

Professor James Wolffsohn, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Aston University