Love your OCT: tips for success - 1 interactive CET point

Sunday, March 31, 2019 10:15 - 11:15

Three optometrists from different practices take to the stage share their OCT stories and experience. This lecture will feature practical tips for implementing OCT into an independent optometry practice including advice on charging, communicating the technology to patients and clinical case studies.

6.1.3 An understanding of how OCT can be used to detect ocular abnormalities, such as glaucoma, at a very early stage of the disease and how sight loss can be prevented with early detection.

6.1.2 Recognises the symptoms caused by common retinal diseases, such as AMD, and knows how OCT can be used and aid in investigating the symptoms cause.

2.2.1 Know how to communicate what an OCT exam is effectively to the patient in terms that are comprehensible in order to help them understand the importance of a comprehensive eye health check.

Jason Rickaby, Optometrist, Jason Rickaby Opticians

Jane Gray, Optometrist, Jane Gray Eyecare