Nutritionals for the eye fact or fiction - 1 interactive CET point

Saturday, March 30, 2019 13:45 - 14:45

ARMD is a growing epidemic. However many practitioners are unaware of the relevant risk factors.

This presentation will highlight the importance of good nutrition on eye health and disease – in particular, the role of antioxidants and essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the pathogenesis of AMD and Dry Eye Disease. The prevalence of both these common conditions along with associated modi able risk factors will be fully explored before moving onto management options to include advice on smoking cessation, increased exercise and changes to diet and/or use of nutritional supplements.

A number of recent evidence based studies will be highlighted and results discussed some relating to commercial products available on UK market allowing delegates the opportunity to reach their own informed opinion based on published (peer reviewed evidence) and not simply marketing claims.

The presentation will also discuss case studies to reveal the effect of nutritional supplements on the eye in particular AMD and Dry Eye. All nutritional supplements will be discussed so to ensure no bias.

Learning Objectives
8.1.2 An understanding of the risk factors and symptoms for dry AMD
6.1.2 An understanding of the signs and instrumentation that can help diagnose AMD
1.1.3 An understanding of the impact of loss of visual function on quality of life

Achievement and Reflection Delegates will receive a handout including a reflective learning statement. They will be asked to self-assess whether they have met the learning objectives, wholly, partly or not at all. Delegates will be invited to complete a simple Post-course questionnaire feedback form.

Up-to-date and Unbiased AREDS 1, AREDS 2, Alenoir study, many peer reviewed papers.
All products on the UK market will be discussed to ensure no bias regarding instrumentation and supplementation.

OOs Ocular Disease and Communication
IPs Knowledge, Options

Dr Scott Mackie, Optometrist, Mackie Consultants