Best form lenses for near vision - an innovation - 1 interactive CET point

Saturday, March 30, 2019 12:00 - 13:00

With the advent of free form manufacturing technology it has become possible to correct off-axis aberrations of spectacle lenses to a far more accurate degree. This talk describes the difference between the aberrations exhibited by a lens in distance and near vision. It describes the methods by which the usual best form lens for distance vision can be modified to fully correct the aberrations in near vision and an exciting new design which has combined both corrections in a single lens.

Learning Objectives
  • Spectacle lens aberrations
  • Difference between form of lenses for distance and near vision.
  • Aberration correction by means of aspherical surfaces
  • New lens designs offering best form performance in both the distance and the near portions of the lens.

Professor Mo Jalie, Author and internationally renowned optician, scholar and lens designer. Professor Jalie also has an honorary degree of DSc for his services to Ulster Optometry/Health., Ulster University