True Colour & Infrared Confocal Wide-field Imaging

Monday, April 1, 2019 12:00 - 13:00

Facilitated by Grant Duncan Haag-Streit UK Clinical Training Manager

C-70376 - 2 CET Points

Lecture and discussion workshop. Registrants will learn about the technology behind True Colour confocal imaging and how this new technology combined with IR, FFA, FA and wide field imaging is allowing conditions to be spotted much earlier than before . Delegates will also learn how to differentiate between true colour and Pseudo colour imaging.

Any eye care professional who registers for the Haag Streit Academy on-stand CET session True Colour & Infrared Confocal Wide-field Imaging will receive a FREE copy of CenterVue’s Eidon ‘Clinical Atlas’.  The ‘Clinical Atlas’ is a 96 page hardcover book featuring a series of interesting clinical cases, collected by retina specialists, that shows examples of the Eidon’s superior imaging capabilities.