Ocular Surface Disease review

Saturday, March 30, 2019 14:00 - 15:00

Facilitated by Jason Higginbotham
1 CET Point

DED (Dry Eye Disease) is an increasingly common condition affecting a wider cross section of the population than we used to consider. The use of smart phones, tablets and computers and the changes to our environment have made DED more prevalent and patients are increasingly aware of the symptoms, but often not the cause.

Since DEWS II updated our knowledge from the original DEWS report, there is a huge amount of information to process surrounding Dry Eye and Ocular Surface disease. How we utilise this new information and how we best serve our patients’ needs is of paramount importance.

This review hopes to help practitioners to better understand the current trends in DED and OSD and how to best diagnose and treat these conditions. Clinicians should be able to make informed decisions on which diagnostic equipment to use and how best to offer treatments to their patients in professional manner whilst increasing practice revenues simultaneously.