Challenging oculoplastics cases discussion workshop C-61460

Saturday, March 30, 2019 12:00 - 13:00

Authored by Satvinder Soomal

Three interactive points for optometrists, therapeutic optometrists and dispensing opticians
Comps: OO Communication, standards of practice, ocular disease
TO Knowledge, healthcare system
DO Communication, Standards of Practice, ocular abnormalities

This discussion workshop for dispensing opticians, optometrists and therapeutic optometrists considers three oculoplastics cases. Case one considers a presentation of an enlarging lid lump and its possible treatment, together with the distinguishing features and management of other lid lumps. In case two, we consider the cause and management of eye irritation following lid surgery to remove a malignant lesion before discussing the risk factors for eyelid malignancy. In the third and final case, we consider the management and referral options for a person affected by blepharospasm. Other forms of eyelid and facial spasm are also deliberated in case 3 whilst communication of patient explanations is also pondered throughout the workshop.