How do you know what steps to take to be the best practice you can be?

How should a modern optometrist practice? It’s a question that will leave many of you awake at night, wondering which path to take in what can seem like a never-ending labyrinth of options.

Do you go ultra high-end fashion? Do you focus on technology? Do you pride yourself on a relaxed, easy-going vibe? Do you try to do a bit of everything?

It’s not easy, and there’s not necessarily a right answer. Every practice is different and what’s best for you is unlikely to be  best for a very different practice with a different clientele in a different town.

So, how do you know what steps to take to be the best practice you can be? Well, Optrafair Exchange might just have the answer.

A session led by Kirit Patel of Radlett Opticians will discuss the options available to modern optometrists and give top tips on how to turn your place of work into an agenda-setting 21st century practice.

Topics to be put under the microscope include the use of ultra-wide imaging and auto-fluorescence to detect retinal problems, using electro-diagnosis for glaucoma and optic nerve monitoring and Angio OCT for wet AMD.

If you’re not already using this technology then the session promises to be an essential part of your Optrafair experience, giving you the chance to better understand common conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and macular degeneration and guidance on interpreting and analysing brain scans and OCT, ERG and VEP scans.

The session forms part of a dedicated contact lens programme at this year’s event, which also includes a session with the renowned optometrist Nick Dash, of Matrix Eye Clinic.

Nick will tackle the issue of glare in patients.

He said: “Glare is a very common symptom that is poorly understood. Until recently we were unable to assess it but it can lead to poor visual performance and in many cases can be the precursor to ocular pathologies.

“We will highlight with a practice-based approach to meeting the needs of patients who experience glare.” 

Register for this year’s Optrafair Exchange, being held at the NEC in Birmingham from March 30 to April 1.

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