GroHawk helps independent optical practices grow through feedback

GroHawk is a London-based, rapidly growing online freemium SaaS platform that is revolutionising how optical businesses connect with their patients. GroHawk allows businesses to hear what their patients are saying about them and engage with their feedback in real time.

Its smart algorithms have already been making waves in the technology and SaaS industry as featured on What makes GroHawk different from traditional static feedback platforms is the way it allows businesses to automatically drive referrals and manage churn based on live feedback received.

By segmenting and offering real-time reporting to users, GroHawk allows business to not only improve their communication with customers but acts as a safety net against negative patient experiences, increasing patient retention.

Its rapid notification system immediately alerts business users of negative feedback, allowing them to respond and manage the reputation of your business.  This not only helps to build brand loyalty but also ensures that you are able to monitor and control the conversations your customers are having about your business.

The GroHawk platform features a customer control panel where the client can access multiple options to enhance their customer engagement as well as connect their social platforms. By collating data received through patient surveys, GroHawk provides clients with a range of different metrics allowing them to track patient satisfaction and drive positive sentiments across their social platforms.

GroHawk’s Testimonial Widget allows businesses to harness the power of organic reviews by pulling all your positive comments direct into your website for prospective customers to see.

The innovative tech platform, have developed their own proprietary artificial intelligence which will automatically pick up the sentiment of each comment left for you by your patients

Their sophisticated algorithm will not only pick up the sentiment of your patient but also which part of your business they are talking about, all from the comments they leave you.

GroHawk believes that fantastic customers experience is an intrinsic right for all customers across the globe! Sadly, gaining meaningful insight into customer sentiment has been an increasingly expensive and resource-intensive process, pricing many small businesses out of the market. This is why GroHawk is committed to offering it’s service for free, forever!

For larger business who want to take their customer experience prorgammes to the next level, GroHawk offers a range of affordable monthly plans, as well as an Enterprise mode which tailors to larger businesses needs.

CEO and founder Ijaz Awan adds “In a day and age where the quality of product and service have become commoditised, providing a compelling patient experience is the sole differentiator businesses have to drive loyalty and engagement amongst their patients.  Providing a stand-out customer experience begins and ends with listening to those whom you serve before iterating your offering. GroHawk is empowering businesses to provide such an experience allowing them to benefit from reduced churn levels as well as increased growth through referrals.”

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