Bondeye Optical is excited to return as a Silver Sponsor to Optrafair

Bondeye Optical is excited to return as a Silver Sponsor to Optrafair 2019, after a successful 2018 show. The opportunity to feature new eyewear on the catwalk was a great way to expose our new brands.

As an award-winning family run company supplying over 3000 optical products, our recent business focus is innovative eyewear. Since 2002 we have built an unrivalled reputation for providing high-quality products at affordable prices, delivered quickly.

Positioned in the market as a genuine one-stop optical solution we continue to support practices with all the essential products needed for the journey through an optician, from eye test to finished pair of spectacles. We’re experienced in working synergistically with manufacturers to always bring unique products to the market.

Some of the key brands we represent exclusively are: Macushield, ROAV Eyewear, Haseley & Co., Cocoons fitover sunglasses, 3M/GHP edging solutions and Optipets glasses holders.

In 2018 we were again also shortlisted as a finalist for ‘supplier of the year’ award at the annual Optician Awards. 

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Optrafair is brought to you by the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians, MA Exhibitions and Optician magazine, combining some of the most respected organisations serving the optical market.


The FMOs mission is to provide a national platform for optical manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and business service providers to communicate, educate and innovate. FMO plays a key role in educating the public about the importance of looking after their sight and having regular eye examinations.

MA Exhibitions

Optrafair is organised by MA Exhibitions (MAX), an award-winning exhibition business. MAX organises more than 200 events annually, from small, highly focussed seminars to large-scale events. Within MAX’s portfolio there are 14 large-scale events, spread across sectors including electronics, manufacturing, engineering, communications, education, healthcare and print.

Optician magazine

Optician magazine is the leading independent, weekly, UK journal for eye care professionals. Since 1891 it has been publishing news, views and analysis on all aspects of the optical profession and business. Today Optician is a leading provider of Continuing Education and Training for eye care professionals. It is currently the only independent provider of distance learning interactive CET points.