The Eyebag Company

The EyeBag Company is now in its 15th year of trading and has during that time raised awareness of dry eye syndromes, associated symptoms and treatments available. The MGDRx EyeBag® was the first product we designed, manufactured and marketed. Cited in the DEWS II report, it continues to be the product of choice for the health professional as first line, evidence-based treatment for dry eye, Blepharitis and MGD. The EyeBag® is stocked in Moorfield’s Pharmacy. We also offer a single use, disposable eye-warming compress, the EyeBag® Instant, as an ideal alternative when on the move or when a microwave is not available. There is a noticeable and significant increase in awareness about dry eye in the media/online as patients seek out treatments for both mild and chronic conditions. As the NHS continues to cut funding for ‘minor’ and/or self-limiting conditions including dry eye, being able to offer your patients a self-managing, safe and effective treatment for their condition will be a welcome benefit.

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