Haag-Streit UK

Haag-Streit UK designs, manufactures and sells a complete line of orthoptic, optometry and ophthalmic equipment and has distributorships for some leading brands, such as; Haag-Streit Diagnostics, Clement Clarke Ophthalmic, CenterVue, Ellex, Haag-Streit Surgical and Optovue.

Haag-Streit UK promotes the prevention, early detection, careful monitoring and effective treatment of retinal disease, glaucoma, corneal disorders, ocular motility and visual defects.

The organisation is dedicated to providing tailored solutions through the integration of information technology, leading brand ophthalmic instruments and unparalleled customer care.  All Haag-Streit UK products are backed by the highest level of service and support.

Stand number: F50
Telephone: 01279 883902