Cerium Visual Technologies

Cerium Visual Technologies are delighted to announce the release of an exciting, new and fully digital instrument – The Intuitive Colorimeter™ ‘Curve’.

The ‘Curve’ system embodies cutting edge technology, sleek styling, and an innovative digital solution for Colorimetry assessment in the modern practice. The new fully digital system unlocks additional features such as automated ordering to make for a more streamlined experience for patient and practitioner alike.

Supported by rigorous research, colorimetry offers a sequential means of exploring colour space to prescribe the optimal precision tint for the relief of perceptual distortions in conditions including Dyslexia, Migraine & Brain Injury.

Providing precision colour to change lives.


Stand number: A52

Contact name: Caroline Lukehurst
Contact Telephone: 01580 765211
Contact email: curve@ceriumoptical.com