March 31, 2017

New consultation tool can increase profits

Optimed ltd. announces preliminary study results reflecting the effectiveness of CAPTIV8+ in increasing conversion rates and average dispensing values.

Existing research has demonstrated that patient satisfaction is significantly correlated to the clinician’s ability to communicate well with their patients.

Patient satisfaction has been found to be a strong predictor of patient loyalty. Loyal patients are valuable as they are less likely to switch provider, they cost less to retain than to attract a new patient, are better candidates for upselling to and are more likely to recommend their clinician to others.

Yet no research had been conducted into the immediate relationship between the consultation and the number and value of dispenses.

Nicholas Rumney and Nicholas Black (2017) conducted a preliminary research study to explore the change in conversion rate (CR) and average transaction value (ATV) for eye examinations conducted before and after the introduction of an innovative chairside patient communication tool, CAPTIV8+.

CAPTIV8+ uses a digital interactive eye model that clinicians can use to explain conditions and procedures.

This preliminary study has shown that enhancing the clinician/patient chairside conversation by using a patient communication tool does not only add value long-term but also short-term, through increased conversion rate and average transaction value.

Read the full report on the study in the Optician magazine (24th March 2017) and discover CAPTIV8+ at Optrafair, on Stand F125.

Consultation using CAPTIV8+

Increased Conversion Rate by 9.84%

Increased Average Transaction Value by £32.82