April 9, 2018

Meet experts at the brand new Independent's Lounge

NEG are delighted to announce that Elodie Draperi from GiveVision will be at the Independents’ Lounge at Optrafair, on Saturday 14th April. GiveVision is a London & Birmingham based start-up developing high tech low vision aids to enhance people' remaining sight. Their technology uses AR and VR to act as a near-distance magnifier and a long-distance telescope. It aids patients' activities of daily living such as reading, watching TV and even recognising faces.

Have already conducted a trial on more than 300 patients with varying ophthalmological conditions for which the headset has shown improved outcomes in term of visual performance and quality of life. Phil Mullins, Director of Business Development from NEG said, “ We are delighted the GiveVision are able to join us at the Independents’ Lounge, to show visitors how by using cutting edge technology peoples lives can be transformed and importantly Independent practice can an important part of this transformation”.

Please see the following link for a recent BBC news item http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-39752969/schoolboy-given-goggles-to-regain-sight

Optrafair will take place between April 14 and 16 at the NEC in Birmingham. For more information, and to register for the event, visit www.optrafair.co.uk/register