October 9, 2017

Eschenbach New Releases

Eschenbach New Releases

September saw Eschenbach Optik introduce 24 new additions to the TITANLEX, Brendel and Humphrey's collections. Highlights from the collections that are not to be missed include….


The TITANFLEX ‘original’ brand is driven by style and technology and continues to pave the way forward in eyewear.

Forming part of the new Fine Chucks collection, models 820743 and 820741 have cleverly used the characteristic chuck as a stylistic design feature. The frames possess slim margins, and a lightweight, modern aesthetic.

The urban revival of full metal eyewear brings you TITANFLEX Windsor. Models 820751, 820750 and 820748 are new interpretations of the classical Windsor Rim.

Technology eyewear from German eyewear engineers, the new ‘Dynamic’ additions incorporate high tech design with first-class comfort. Sporty and stylish models 820752, 820753 and 820754 feature the dynamic colour paired with TF Logo stamped out of the soft touch stainless steel temples. Models from the ‘Dynamic’ segment posses Perfect Fusion Technology (PFT) bridges giving them a technical edge.


The Brendel promise is simple - “Fashion for the face”. Designed for the self-confident woman seeking individual eyewear.

Launching 5 new models into the sophisticated collection for the Autumn/Winter season. The main trend is ‘Deconstructed’, what started as a 1980’s style has now become a movement, prevalent in fashion and eyewear. So what does this mean for frames… models such as 903101, 903097 and 902237 have been cleverly deconstructed and reinvented in a new and visually engaging way.

Changing the extraordinary into everyday style. New addition 903101 uses acetate to create an elegant front, with exciting perforations on the temples revealing a radiant metal under-layer. Similarly, intricate metal and translucent acetate have been combined on model 902237, ingeniously demonstrated by the fret-work perforation visible on the eye front.


Bringing street style to the remainder of 2017 with 8 new models added to the Humphrey’s collection. The Humphrey’s DNA is unconventional and daring, providing individual eyewear for the expressive wearer.

New York City and Humphrey’s eyewear have always shared similarities. Now they’re combining to create a new brand highlight. It’s name: ‘High Line’. Models 581050, 581049, and 581048 have been inspired by the NYC’s High Line, an abandoned overhead railway line that has been transformed into a place of interest as a walkway and park. The concept: making hidden structures visible. Translating architecture into eyewear by utilising material mixes of transparent acetates and stainless steel frame components, screwed and riveted together. The frames have the ultimate style factor, available in distinctive shapes. The urban city environment has also been reflected in the new Humphrey’s brand imagery.

Less is more with the new ‘Slimline’ models 582263, 582262 and 582261. Minimalism is one of the key trends in both lifestyle and fashion. Designs concentrate on the essentials, light stainless steel frames in aviator and angular shapes, double bridges and are deliberately subtle in colour. Frames from the ‘Slimline’ capsule collection feature tailor-made Humphrey’s hinges in the shape of the iconic brand ‘H’.

For any additional information on the TITANflex, Brendel or Humphrey’s collections, please contact International Eyewear on 0121 585 6565 or visit the website www.internationaleyewear.co.uk


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