Slit Lamp Masterclass


Steve Thomson Haag-Streit Diagnostics Slit Lamp Imaging Specialist; Sam Laidlaw Haag-Streit UK Product Manager Haag Streit UK - Stand F32 2 CET Points

This demonstration and discussion workshop will give registrants an insight into how best to improve their own slit lamp examination skills using the correct techniques to ensure the best outcomes for their patients. As well as examination, illumination and magnification techniques, the demonstration will also feature the use of various slit lamp accessories including those used for tonometry, use of dye stains for recoding the effects of ocular surface disease, imaging and indirect examination of the fundus, as well as discussing advanced techniques such as gonioscopy.

Learning Objectives

3.1.2 Attendees will learn about the step-by-step approach to examining the entire eye and understand the various positioning and illumination techniques required for anterior imaging; using diffuse, focal and indirect illumination, iris tangential illumination, lens retro-illumination and illumination techniques for retinal imaging.

6.1.5 Through the review of example images demonstrating a variety of imaging techniques, attendees will be able to identify a range of common conditions affecting the anterior structures of the eye, including lesions of the lids, conjunctiva, cornea, iris and lens.

3.1.3 Through demonstration, registrants will understand the techniques required to achieve a clear view of the fundus for purposes of retro-illumination in slit lamp imaging as well as gaining fundamental knowledge in the use of different lenses to perform an indirect examination of the fundus.


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