Glaucoma Function & Structure Workshop


Mr Sam Laidlaw Haag-Streit UK Product Manager; Mr Grant Duncan Haag-Streit UK Clinical Training Manager Haag Streit UK - Stand F32 2 CET Points

This lecture and discussion workshop will enable registrants to better understand the relationship between retinal nerve fibre layer structure, as seen in OCT analysis, and visual function as described by perimetric visual field testing. The workshop will also introduce the concepts of trend, cluster and polar analysis as tools to help predict and monitor the progression of glaucoma, as well as looking at the emerging use of OCT-A in mapping structural changes to the retinal vasculature in glaucoma.

Learning Objectives

2.7.2 Improved knowledge of latest examination techniques using different instrumentation (OCT, OCT-A and perimetry) including glaucoma monitoring systems, normative database comparisons and trend analysis, leading to improved patient management and appropriate onward referral.

3.1.5 To understand how the use of high resolution OCT and perimetry alongside combined function/structure software can better detect disease and more importantly monitor subtle change over time.

3.1.5 To understand importance of the physical set up of visual field equipment, selection of appropriate program, clear advice / instruction to patients to improve reliability and repeatability of results, ensuring artefacts reduced to minimum to obtain highest quality visual field printouts and thereby be more confident of defects / changes detected.

6.1.8 To be able to create a working strategy for glaucoma case detection utilising clinical skills, imaging and visual field assessment to aid appropriate management and referral.


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