OCT LIVE: Glaucoma


Heidelberg Engineering - Stand B20: 2 (Interactive, DO and OO) CET Points

Join us at stand B20 for OCT LIVE! You will be guided through the patient journey, from scanning REAL patients LIVE in HD on the big screen to interpreting the images and making a decision on patient management. These interactive, CET accredited sessions challenge the classic case study book format and demonstrate how a multimodal- -imaging approach can be used in real life to assess patient’s eyes.

We will follow the glaucoma patient journey, from the beginning (how OCT can be used to spot the early signs) through to the end (how OCT can be used to monitor progression of the disease and referral protocol).

Learning objectives:

6.1.2 An understanding of how glaucoma affects a patient’s vision and how SD-OCT can be used to investigate the patient’s risk of glaucoma

6.1.3 An understanding of how SD-OCT can be used to monitor a patient with glaucoma for progression of the disease and when to refer.

6.1.5 An introduction to the advantages and limitations of using SD-OCT to assess a patient’s risk of glaucoma and recognise what an SD-OCT of a patient with glaucoma might look like.



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