Peer Review: Retinal Abnormalities, 3 CET points (C-58033)


Simon Browning - Optos Stand E30

Peer Review discussion learning objectives:

1 - An understanding of the techniques used to examine the central and peripheral retina, and the ability to recognise the normal structures and common abnormalities of the central and peripheral retina.

2 - Is able to differentially diagnose a range of common retinal abnormalities from their symptoms, signs and further investigations. Understands the optometric management and referral pathways for those diseases.

3 - Understands the surgical and medical treatment of a range of retinal conditions including retinal hole, naevus, CSR, dry AMD and diabetic retinopathy.

4 -Understands the referral protocols for a range of common retinal abnormalities.

GOC approved for Optometrists only.



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