OCT Anatomy and Physiology LIVE: a crash course!


Heidelberg Engineering - Stand B20: 1 CET Point

As the use of OCT becomes commonplace in optometric practice, it is important the optometrist understands retinal anatomy and approved terminology in order to be able to credibly talk the same language as the ophthalmologists they are referring to. In this lecture, you will see a live OCT scan and learn how to systematically evaluate and describe OCT images for both normal structure and abnormalities.

Learning objectives:

6.1.5 Begin to be able to recognise what is the normal structure of the retina and also abnormalities in retinal structure.

6.1.2 Begin to develop a structured methodology for analysing symptoms of a patient using OCT.

6.1.2 Be able to report OCT findings using consistent and accurate language.



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