OCT: Let's start from the beginning


Jason Higginbotham - Stand B16:1 CET Point

An interactive presentation and lecture on OCT interpretation and basic principles. The delegates will learn what OCT is, why and how it is used and what different conditions look like with OCT. We will also cover common conditions and how to follow up and refer such patients as well as what other tests we might consider appropriate with such scan results. This is an updated, revised and peer reviewed presentation.

Learning Objectives:

Ocular Disease (6)

  • To differentially diagnose the presenting condition and refer appropriately

Professional Conduct (2)

  • To look at case studies showing how OCT was integral in the management of a patient
  • To understand and be able to discuss with the patient the purpose and process of referral following identification of the presenting condition
  • To understand the most appropriate route for referral

Ocular Techniques (3)

  • To understand the technique of OCT
  • To look at the importance of retinal structure and how cross-­sectional information indicates health state
  • To look at the use of anterior OCT in assessment of anterior chamber structure

To look at the interplay between functional data such as fields and structural data such as OCT and how this may develop clinical strategy


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