True Colour & Infrared Confocal Wide-field Imaging (on-stand lecture with discussion workshop)


Mr Grant Duncan Haag-Streit UK Clinical Training Manager; Mr Enrico Marchini CenterVue European Area Manager Haag Streit UK - Stand F32 2 CET Points

Registrants for this lecture and discussion workshop will learn about the technology behind true colour confocal imaging and how this new technology combined with fundus autofluorescence and wide field imaging is allowing conditions to be spotted much earlier than before. Delegates will also learn how to differentiate between true colour and Pseudo colour imaging and look at some potential future uses for widefield retinal imaging.

Learning Objectives

3.1.3 To understand the benefits of widefield retinal imaging in detecting peripheral disease.

3.1.3 To understand the advantages of fundus autofluorescence when imaging certain specific retinal conditions such as AMD, retinal dystrophies and RP.

6.1.5 To differentiate True Colour vs Pseudo Colour images and look at real cases of each of these and understand and they can assist you make a diagnosis.

6.1.2 To learn the capabilities of 60 degree wide field imaging and how this technique combined with the use of a visual check (using a slit lamp or similar technique) can help with the diagnosis of patients. Capturing disease and conditions much earlier than before and having a accurate way to monitor change over time. Delegates will learn about the two techniques and how they can benefit their day to day practice.


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