Myopia versus Obesity: A tale of pandemic proportions


Professor James Loughman, Phd FAOI, Clinical and Research Director for Ocuco - 1 Interactive CET Point

This lecture will explore the current myopia epidemic in the context of historical infectious epidemics and more interestingly, in relation to the recent and widely acknowledged epidemic of obesity. The lecture will focus on the scale of both epidemics and society's response to each. The lecture will conclude by making recommendations for tackling the myopia epidemic using lessons learned from our failings in the management of obesity.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the prevalence of myopia in relation to obesity
  • To understand commonalities in the environmental and lifestyle factors driving both epidemics
  • To understand the public health approach to obesity and the lessons that can be learned from the failing obesity strategy for myopia better myopia management
  • To understand the treatment efficacy of available interventions for myopia

This piece of CET is approved for Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians


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