Meeting The Eyecare Needs Of People With Learning Disabilities: Clinical and practical considerations

Lisa Donaldson BSC(Hons) MCOptom
Ned Saunders BSc(Hons) FBDO D-14986

We will be providing suggestions for adaptions- both clinical and practical- to best support adults and children with a learning disability. This will include case scenario discussions on successfully communicating adverse findings to patients and their carers.

Learning Objectives
  • Strategies for adapting your clinical routine for a patient with a learning disability
  • Improving communication strategies for successful testing- An overview of the communication methods which may be used by people with a learning disability (including learning some basic Makaton).
  • Improving communication of your clinical findings- enabling patients and carers to understand and use their vision to full potential and to access further support when needed
  • General understanding of new accessible information standards 2016