Don ́t let the opportunity float away – The role of micronutrients in the treatment of vitreous floaters

Thomas Kaercher, MD, Ophthalmologist, Heidelberg, Germany, Zeon Healthcare

Vitreous floaters can have a considerable impact on the visual perception and quality of life. So far there is no standard therapy for vitreous floaters. The application of Nd:YAG laser treatment for vitreous floaters has been introduced recently. Certain limitations and risk factors have to be mentioned. Vitrectomy is established for severe cases, but bears significant risks. Food supplementation establishes a new option for treating primary vitreous floaters.

2 clinical studies are presented. Food supplement containing antioxidants and modulators of collagenases (VitroCap®-capsules) is applied for 3 months. Clinical parameters (visual acuity, visual disturbance, ultrasonic scanning, optical coherence tomography) are recorded.

After 3 months` therapy the visual disturbance is reduced from 3.63 to 1.42 points. The visual acuity remains stable. These results were confirmed by the second study. Additionally in this study, B-scanning and OCT showed no alterations within the study interval.

Micronutrition with VitroCap® is a safe and effective therapeutic approach against vitreous floaters. It should be considered as a standard therapy due to its low risk profile.