How to deal with annoying people without annoying them and risking negative word of mouth


Gavin Rebello, STORM

Word of mouth is king when it comes to attracting new patients. The internet and number of review sites means that customers have a louder voice now than ever before. Unfortunately, not every patient plays fairly. Some are more demanding and perhaps sometimes unreasonable in their expectations. And of course, there are others who we just don’t connect with or see eye to eye.

How can we manage these challenging situations without risking damaging negative reviews? The current trend is to give in and give things away to appease them. But doesn’t this just breed a culture of a few customers trying it on to get a freebie? Gavin will discuss an approach which will help you deal with those “annoying” people in a positive way, without leaving that feeling of frustration that sometimes comes when dealing with the public.

He’ll also discuss how you can turn some of these customers into some of your biggest fans so that they leave positive reviews and not negative ones.