New Highlights in Swept Source OCT Imaging and Angiography: The future of retinal diagnosis

Carl Glittenberg, MD, FEBO

This lecture will give an understanding of the principles of swept source OCT technology as well as it benefits in diagnosing and managing pathologies of the anterior and posterior chambers. The lecture will also give an introduction to the principles of swept source OCT angiography (SS-OCT-A). How to interpret SS-OCT-A as well as an overview of potential artefacts will be provided. Numerous case examples will be discussed in order to gain a better understanding of how to better interpret swept source OCT. Finally an overview will be provided of where this technology will be headed in the future.

Learning objectives:
  • Understanding of Swept Source OCT
  • Understanding of the principles of OCT-A
  • Understanding of artefacts in OCT-A
  • Understanding of pathologies that can be imaged using swept source and OCT-A