PASKAL3D Sensational Eye Examination: The Sight Test Becomes a Cinema Event

Fritz Passmann, IPRO International


Refraction testing before PASKAL 3D: First one eye is measured while the other is covered, then the other eye – and the procedure is rounded off by binocular calibration. PASKAL 3D breaks with this convention and uses the latest 3D-technology for a natural, comfortable and at the same time rapid refraction test. During the test, the patient relaxes by looking at a beautiful landscape and does not notice which images are offered to the right and which to the left eye.

Learning objectives:
  • What is a 3D-Refraction?
  • The Dominant-Eye Test
  • Monocular refraction under binocular, stereoscopic conditions
  • Checking the depth of the Panum's area
  • COM Visus at day, twilight and night