Living Life On The Edge

Simon Browning B.Sc. (Hons.) MCOptom.

The lecture will comprise of images of retinas viewed in ‘normal field of view’ and ‘ultra-widefield view’. The lecture will outline specific presentation scenarios and then consider the ramifications of viewing the retina in different modalities and the clinical decision outcomes of the different modalities.

The lecture will consider the current advice for viewing the retina in line with different imaging modalities and consider the ability to see retinal changes in the differing modalities.

The lecture will also look at ultra-widefield images in both structural (colour) images and functional (autofluorescent) images. It will give information on how to interpret these images both in line with patients’ reported symptoms and with the unreported signs that become evident with imaging. The ramifications of these actions will be discussed.

Furthermore, the lecture will consider the rights of the patient to information in order to make healthcare decisions that may affect their vision and lifestyle in line with current GOC and College of Optometrist advice as well as NHS constitution guidance.

Learning objectives
  • To better understand the importance of peripheral retinal changes both in preservation of vision long term and general health preservation long term.
  • To learn how to interpret ultra-widefield images, both structural and functional, with a view to accurate referrals and informed referral letter writing.
  • To learn how to interpret images with a view to explaining images to patients allowing for accurate information and general vision preservation advice.
  • To be confident analysing images in terms of future visual development and outcome. To be confident talking to patients about ultra-widefield images.